Parallels using Apple M2 (Compat) 3D Mark Okay, technical Info, known issues and bugs

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Parallels using Apple M2 (Compat) - Technical information.

## Parallels Desktop for Apple M2 Macs: Compatibility Information

Parallels Desktop enables Windows and other operating systems to run on Apple Silicon Macs, including Macs with the M2 chip. Here is some important compatibility information:

Supported guest operating systems:

* Windows 11 (Arm version)
* Windows 10 (Arm version)
* Linux distributions with Arm architecture (compatibility varies)


* No direct support for x86-64 Windows or other x86-based operating systems:
Parallels Desktop on M1/M2 Macs uses Apple's Rosetta 2 technology to run x86 applications within Windows 11 Arm. However, performance may be lower than native Arm applications.
* Dependency on Arm operating system versions:
Because Apple Silicon Macs use a different architecture than Intel-based Macs, they require specific Arm versions of Windows and Linux. These versions may not be as advanced or have all the features of their x86 counterparts.


* Parallels Desktop performance on M2 Macs is generally good, especially for Arm-native operating systems and applications.
* Performance of x86 applications emulated with Rosetta 2 may vary depending on the specific application.

Additional information:

* Parallels Desktop offers different editions with different functionality. When purchasing, make sure that the edition you choose meets your requirements.
*Before purchasing, make sure the applications you need are available for the Arm architecture and are compatible with Parallels Desktop.

Parallels using Apple M2 (Compat), known issues and bugs.

## Known issues and bugs with Parallels Desktop on Apple M2 Macs (as of May 13, 2024)

Parallels Desktop allows virtualization of other operating systems on Apple M2 Macs, but there are some known issues and limitations that you should be aware of:

Apple Silicon Architecture Limitations:

* No native support for x86 programs:
While you can use Windows 11 Arm and other Arm-based operating systems, traditional x86 versions of Windows or Linux are not directly supported . Although Parallels Desktop uses Rosetta 2 for emulation, performance may be lower.
* Dependency on Arm versions:
Availability and functionality of operating systems and applications in the Arm architecture may be limited.

**Parallels Desktop specific issues:**

* Driver Issues:
Parallels driver issues can cause virtual machine instability, reduced performance, or malfunction.
* Application Incompatibilities:
Certain Windows or Linux applications may have incompatibilities with Parallels Desktop on M2 Macs.
* DirectX Support:
Support for DirectX in Parallels on M2 Macs is still limited. Applications that rely heavily on DirectX may not work properly.
* USB Devices:
Issues with detecting or using USB devices within the virtual machine have been reported.
* Bluetooth:
The direct Bluetooth connection from the virtual machine to the Mac may be limited.

Troubleshooting Tips:

* Update Drivers:
Make sure you are using the latest versions of Parallels Desktop drivers and Guest OS drivers.
* Perform compatibility checks:
Check the Parallels website or forum for known incompatibilities with your applications.
* Restart Virtual Machine:
Sometimes restarting the virtual machine can fix simple problems.
* Contact Parallels Desktop Support:
If you continue to have issues, contact Parallels Desktop Support.


Parallels Desktop is a powerful solution for running other operating systems on Apple M2 Macs, but there are limitations and known issues. If you choose Parallels Desktop, you should be aware of these points and know where to look for solutions.
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