Intel(R) UHD Graphics P750 3D Mark Okay, technical Info, known issues and bugs

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3D.Mark.Okay for Graphic-Card: Intel-R-UHD-Graphics-P750

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Intel(R) UHD Graphics P750 - Technical Information.

The Intel(R) UHD Graphics P750 is an integrated graphics unit from Intel that can be found in certain 12th generation (Alder Lake) processors. Here is some technical information about it:

- Architecture:
The Intel UHD Graphics P750 is based on the Intel Xe architecture, which offers improved graphics performance and efficiency compared to previous Intel graphics solutions.

- Processor Integration:
The graphics engine is integrated into select 12th generation Intel processors, particularly Alder Lake processors for desktops and laptops.

- Performance:
The Intel UHD Graphics P750 offers improved performance compared to previous generations of Intel graphics solutions. It is capable of running a wide range of applications including HD video streaming, image editing and casual gaming.

- Supported Technologies:
The graphics unit supports modern graphics technologies such as DirectX 12, OpenGL and Vulkan. It also provides support for hardware decoding of video codecs such as H.264, H.265 (HEVC) and VP9.

- Outputs:
The Intel UHD Graphics P750 offers support for various output options, including HDMI, DisplayPort, and possibly eDP (Embedded DisplayPort), depending on how it is implemented in a particular system.

- Energy Efficiency:
The graphics engine is designed to provide a good balance between performance and energy efficiency to optimize battery consumption in mobile devices and reduce total cost of ownership.

- Driver Support:
Intel provides regular driver updates for the Intel UHD Graphics P750 to optimize performance and address known issues. Users should update their drivers regularly to benefit from the latest improvements.

- Availability:
The Intel UHD Graphics P750 is available in select 12th Generation Intel processors and can be found in various desktop and laptop computers.

For specific technical information on a particular system that uses the Intel UHD Graphics P750, I recommend checking out Intel's official product page or the specific system's specifications.

Intel(R) UHD Graphics P750, known issues and bugs.

At this time, there are no widespread known issues or errors documented specifically for the Intel(R) UHD Graphics P750. Intel regularly releases driver updates to optimize performance and fix known issues. Users should keep their drivers updated to minimize potential problems and benefit from improvements.

However, if you encounter specific problems or irregularities with the Intel UHD Graphics P750, you can consult Intel's official support page or contact the technical support of your system manufacturer for assistance and possible solutions. In some cases, known issues can be resolved through driver updates or specific configuration settings.
3D Bench Mark OK
  3D Bench Mark OK

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