AMD Radeon HD 7500M/7600M Series 3D Mark Okay, technical Info, known issues and bugs

  3D Bench Mark OK

3D.Mark.Okay for Graphic-Card: AMD-Radeon-HD-7500M-7600M-Series

 1 21.27   Medium  1600x900 0../img/icoGK/intel-ico.png  Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-3632QM CPU @ 2.20GHz2x410.0.19044
 2 24.30   Medium  1366x768 0../img/icoGK/intel-ico.png  Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-3632QM CPU @ 2.20GHz2x46.1.7601
 3 41.01   Medium  1280x720 0../img/icoGK/intel-ico.png  Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-3632QM CPU @ 2.20GHz2x410.0.19044
 4 22.41   Medium  1024x768 0../img/icoGK/intel-ico.png  Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-3320M CPU @ 2.60GHz2x810.0.17134

The AMD Radeon HD 7500M/7600M Series is a graphics solution from AMD that was installed in mid-range laptops. Here is some technical information about this series:

1. GPU (Graphics Processing Unit):
The AMD Radeon HD 7500M/7600M Series is based on AMD's Graphics Core Next (GCN) architecture. It consists of different graphics processors, which can vary depending on the model.

2. Stream Processors:
The number of stream processors varies depending on the model within the series. These stream processors are optimized for parallel processing of graphics and calculation tasks and influence the overall performance of the graphics solution.

3. Memory:
The AMD Radeon HD 7500M/7600M Series is typically equipped with GDDR5 memory, which may vary depending on the model and manufacturer. Storage capacity also varies, typically between 1GB and 4GB.

4. Interfaces:
The series supports various output options for connecting monitors, including HDMI, DisplayPort and VGA. It uses PCIe (Peripheral Component Interconnect Express) as an interface to connect to the laptop's motherboard.

5. Energy Efficiency:
The AMD Radeon HD 7500M/7600M Series is designed to provide good performance per watt while keeping power consumption low. This allows for longer battery life on laptops and efficient use of available energy.

6. Performance:
AMD Radeon HD 7500M/7600M Series performance varies depending on model and specific requirements. It offers sufficient graphics performance for everyday tasks such as web browsing, video playback and light gaming, but is not suitable for demanding gaming or professional applications.

Overall, the AMD Radeon HD 7500M/7600M Series is a solid graphics solution for mid-range laptops that offers sufficient performance for common computing tasks.

AMD Radeon HD 7500M/7600M Series, known issues and bugs.

The AMD Radeon HD 7500M/7600M series has several known issues and bugs, especially when used with newer operating systems such as Windows 10. Here are some common issues reported by users:

1. Driver installation issues:
Many users are experiencing Difficulty installing or updating drivers for these GPUs. Common problems include drivers not installing correctly, causing the system to revert to the Microsoft Basic Display Adapter, or AMD settings being inaccessible after installation.

2. Black Screen:
Another common problem is that the screen remains black when starting the system or after installing the drivers. This is often associated with a driver not working correctly and can sometimes be accompanied by errors related to the atikmpag.sys file.

3. Incompatibility with Windows 10:
Although the series is compatible with Windows 10, there are numerous reported compatibility issues. These include issues with certain applications not working properly, FN keys not working, and media drivers not being able to play DVDs or Blu-rays because libraries or drivers are missing.

4. Legacy Driver Support:
The HD 7500M/7600M series is considered "legacy" hardware by AMD, meaning it no longer receives regular driver updates. The latest available drivers may not support all features or provide optimal performance on newer operating systems.

To mitigate some of these issues, it is recommended to:
- Use the latest available legacy drivers from the official AMD website.
- Ensure that the Intel drivers (if applicable) are updated before installing the AMD drivers.
- Use tools like GPU-Z to correctly identify the exact GPU model within the series, which can help in finding the most compatible driver.

For specific instructions and troubleshooting, detailed instructions in forums such as the AMD Community can be very helpful.
3D Bench Mark OK
  3D Bench Mark OK

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